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Medlab is an Australian biotechnology company (ASX:MDC) focused on the delivery of medicinal solutions and hope for patients with unmet needs.

Our dedicated team is continually developing our proprietary active ingredient delivery technology, NanoCelle®, creating more opportunities to safely and efficiently bring transformative medicines to patients.

We offer agile innovative research with expertise in both large and small molecule delivery – through the entire supply chain process, from concept to the manufactured end product.

Medlab - Scientifically optimised for a better life


Improving Quality of Life


Medlab strives to find new ways to address the biggest challenges of our time, including the growing burden of chronic conditions, suboptimal pain management as well as enhancing drug delivery options – with innovative nanotechnology, NanoCelle®.

With a diverse portfolio ranging across therapeutic areas such as mental health, oncology pain management and over-the-counter nutraceuticals – we specialise in solutions that can provide improved bioavailability leading to better outcomes, less side effects and improved quality of life.

Our Purpose


We aim to improve people’s lives every day by striving to maximise the value of every medicine we create and getting them to the people who need it most as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Our Values


At Medlab, our four core values reflect and shape the company’s personality and the relationships we develop with our people and our clients – they are at the heart of how we work.

  • People-Centred: People are at the heart of all that we do as a team, our focus is on providing solutions that enhance individuals lives and outcomes
  • Innovation: We constantly strive to develop unique solutions and new ways to deliver the best solutions for unmet needs.
  • Agile & Dynamic: With the flexibility to bring even the most complex products to market faster and more predictably.
  • Ethical: Integrity, respect and transparency anchor our open and positive approach to responsible decision-making and honest relationships.

State-of-the-art certified laboratory


Medlab is the only Australian pharmaceutical and nutraceutical research team that own and houses a state-of-the-art Physical Containment Level 2 Laboratory (PC2 Laboratory). 

PC2 Laboratory certificates are issued by the Department of Health, Office of the Gene Technology Regulatory.

There are four levels of physical containment applied to facilities certified by the Regulator; these are arranged in order of ascending stringency of containment requirements, which reflect the level of risk involved in the activities undertaken. 

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