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Two Factor Authentication

DATE: Friday 29th January 2021
Author: Ian Curtinsmith,

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We all need to vigilant when working on Digital devices and accessing Digital websites and applications.

Medlab is proud to provide Two Factor Authentication to our customers across our Website portals.

So what is two factor authentication?

Two Factor Authentication is also known as Multi-factor Authentication and is a very secure way to protect access to work and personal websites and apps that you log in too.

When you normally log in to a website or app you use a login name or password only.

However, unscrupulous people will try to trick you into providing them with your login name and password. They can do this a number of ways, from using fake login websites, or phishing emails, or even getting you to enter your passwords over wifi that they control. Alternatively, you may have used a password that is widely known and belong to a password database. Or your password may be known from other data breaches on the internet.

Two Factor Authentication adds an additional password, normally in the form of a 6 digit number. This number changes every 30 seconds. So even if someone was successful in gaining access to your first password they would not know the second password as it continually changes.

Enabling Two Factor Authentication is free and is now provided across Medlab websites.

For those that would also like to use Two Factor Authentication to protect your personal websites or social media applications you visit. Then I would recommend you read the following how-to articles provided by these websites:

I would strongly recommend that you use this free service for Medlab websites

Turn on two factor authentication on the Medlab website

  • Login to your account on the Medlab Website: Login.
  • Once logged in, click on your Name in the Top right corner of the Menu and select Two Factor Authentication.
  • Click Generate Secret Key to Enable 2 Factor and scan the QR code shown on the page with your Two Factor Authentication application.
  • If you do not have a Two Factor Authentication Application such as Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator. You can download one for free from:
  • After enabling Two Factor Authentication on the Medlab website you will be directed to a page that allows you to:
  • Download Eight Single-use backup codes that you can store in a secure place and use if you lose your mobile phone / Two Factor Application.
  • Update your mobile phone number which we will use to reset your Two Factor login if you lose your mobile phone / Two Factor Application.

Diable two factor authentication on the Medlab website

If you need to disable Two Factor Authentication:

  • Login to your account on the Medlab Website: Login.
  • Enter your Two Factor code.
  • Once logged in, Click to your Name in the Top right corner of the Menu and select Two Factor Authentication.
  • Enter your password again to verify your identity.
  • Click on Disable 2FA.

I lost my two factor authentication, what now?

If you lose your Mobile phone or delete your Two Factor Authentication application.

When prompted to enter your Two Factor code, click on:

  • Use Backup Code to Authenticate, and enter one of the 8 single-use back-up codes you kept in a secure place when setting up your Two Factor Authentication initially.
  • Note, these codes are single-use and once the code is used once it can not be used again.

If you did not remember to keep your backup codes When prompted to enter your Two Factor code, click on:

  • Reset 2 Factor Authentication
  • We will ask you to enter the last digits of your mobile phone number to verify your identity and will text you a code to that mobile.

If you can not get either option to work. Please contact our Customer service team who will assist you thru the steps.

About the author

Ian Curtinsmith

Ian joined Medlab in July 2019, a strategic executive with C level success in IT governance and Business Intelligence solutions, with 26 years' of experience in Management.

Prior to Medlab, Ian served over 9 years as an Executive Team member of FIT-BioCeuticals, the parent company of brands: BioCeuticals, IsoWhey, Wheyless, PharmaFoods, Hall Drug Technologies, Fusion Health and Oriental Botanicals;  a division of Blackmores Ltd (BKL:ASX) which operates in the Vitamin and Supplement industry. Ian was responsible for all Digital and Technology decisions within these businesses including strategic planning, business Integration, risk assessment, security, disaster recovery and change management.

Ian has also implemented projects for large enterprises including GSM/Vodafone, Chartered Accounts, OfficeWorks, Clemenger and Colonial. In addition, Ian has provided outsourcing alternatives and consultation to small and medium businesses as well as acting as a consultant for the music industry, television and production companies. Ian also served on the IT and Marketing committee of the International Probiotic Association (IPA).

Ian is a graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and holds an Associate Diploma in Electrical Technology.